Thursday, April 30, 2009

4-6-09 MikeH backflip Test video Pass-A-Grille

Just doing a quick comparison of original video vs stabilized video w MikeH loop footage.

Windsurfing 4-6-09 Loop Stabilize Comparison from SOS on Vimeo.


Monday, April 27, 2009

4-7-09 MikeT @ Pass-A-Grille Windsurfing

MikeT WaterSportsWest TeamRider getting out in the morining of april 7th 2009 to catch some 40+ W-NW gusts in fun waist+ swell...

Windsurfing 04-07-09 Pass-A-Grille: MikeT from SOS on Vimeo.

We had DAYS of wind and Waves in March-April this year.. WOW what a great start to 2009.. definatly seems way better than sprinig 2008 ... keep it up 09!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Surfing PicnicTables 4-19-09

Surfing Picnic Tables-CocoaBeach, FL 4-19-09 from SOS on Vimeo.

A pre420 surf SES!!!

Mike,AndrewF,and I went out to get some on the EC.Sets came in - had to pick thru the mush and closeouts but fun rides to be had.. got there at lw tide and it got more consistent and better after 12pm. Wind picked up from the south and may have helped angle off the closeouts - waves would setup right as you'd paddle could just turn around and get another!

01-18-09 Surfing Brevard Fl

Surfing Brevard Fl 01-18-09 from SOS on Vimeo.

AndrewF and I where at one of the parks N.of Sebastian Inlet.. Sunday trip to the EC for some nice fun waves!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

9-27-08 Brevard Fl Surf!

Surfin Brevard Sep27th 2008.. w/ AndrewF & friends... weird tide going out.. lota closeouts but still havin fun..
AndreF shot most of the video of us in the water..
Just a quick Cuts only edit of footage.. this video was a pain to edit something was weird and my machine kept crashin what seemed like every 5-10mins.. probably cuz I captured the video in 1 9 gb chunk(wont do that again)

9-27-08 Surfing Brevard Fl from SOS on Vimeo.