Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9-20-09 EastCoast Fun n Chop

So Sunday turned out to be pretty darn fun considering all the chop and wind.. Bouys read 3 ft Eastish swell @ 10sec period w/ East wind at 10-14mph so this led to mostly waist waves.. once a hour or so a ribby/chesty wave came through but the waves got pushed over by the wind..

Friday, September 4, 2009

East Coast FLSurf: LaborDay Weekend

Starting the Holiday weekend off great .. 3rd week of SURF!!!
This Labor Day is my 3rd Year Aniv. of Surfing.. Labor Day Weekend 2006 is the first time I tried out surfin and ever since I've been chasing waves and never looked back.. one of the best things of my life!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!! -Luke

Pics taken in Brevard FL N of Sebastain

** NOTE I HAVE ALOT OF CATCHIN UP TO DO W/ Pics & Vids all post and others I havnt posted yet.... but I will POST MORE**