Tuesday, August 4, 2009

East Coast Surf 8-2-09

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Pre-Collison Shot Seq: these two guys HIT in mid-air as they both went up on the lip at the middle of this wave.. the guy going left board pentrated and ripped a big gash into the guy going right board.. the one going left board nose was crushed and able to be temp fixed but the one going right board was unridable.. (luckly they are friends and no one got hurt- I tried taking a second shot sequence as I saw this happening but the lag on my camera only recorded the white water after they fell..)

Seq Pics of Jordan after collison- nose of his board is now taped up where it got crushed. Sorry my fingure almsot Totally ruined this shot :(

More pics from Sunday... was lucky n got nice backside air trick seq.. and that grom was rippin it up early too!

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