Monday, May 3, 2010

Windsurfin at my apts- new camera POV (finally got waterhousing)

Hey all.. I FINALLY recieved the water housing to my vholder HD camera after waiting for it for over 6 months for them to release a usable housing! Ive had this camera but couldnt use it in the water untill this weekend!! so here is a shot of me launchin a fast air from the mast POV ..

was windsurfin right behind my aptment complex (the cove) had to wait for the wind to get some West in it..but it was worth the wait and I didnt even have to drive anywhere was so nice just to go out in the backyard and rip!...

I was a bit overpowered.. so much so you can see my harnest line is TIED on to the boom as i ripped off the part that conect the line to the boom.. I will have to got buy new ones at WSWest. But i had to rig a bit bigger to get out thru the wind shadow on the south wind ( i really prob could have been fully powerd on a 5.8.. or 6.5 no prob).. but still worth it and i got some good shots outa it!


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